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Less Time Washing. More Time Riding. - #1

Vetericyn FoamCare® Equine Shampoo:

Less Time Washing. More Time Riding.

Advanced Animal Wellness

Wound | Skin | Coat | Eye | Ear | Supplements
° Safe for all animals of all ages ° Safe and non-toxic ° Free of antibiotics, steroids, iodine & tea tree oil ° Safe if the product is licked or swallowed ° Harmless to healthy tissue ° Used and recommended by veterinarians

Customer Satisfaction

The team at Vetericyn® Benelux is committed to ensuring your satisfaction above and beyond 100%. We do this by ensuring you can find the best products for your pet's health with the friendliest service.
° Veterinary advice ° Shipping costs: Netherlands €3.95 - Belgium €5.95 ° Free shipping on orders over €49 ° Fast delivery ° Guaranteed results


Vetericyn® is committed to developing the most safe, effective, and innovative animal wellness products in the world. Our goal is to manufacture our product in the USA while adhering to the highest and strictest quality guidelines in the animal industry. We strive to earn the respect and trust of the customers who support us and challenge ourselves to find new ways to give back to the animal community. We will meet these goals by engaging the talent and desire of people who have a passion for animals, health, community, service, science, and the environment.
Informational articles and tips for taking care of your petInformational articles and tips for taking care of your pet

Informational articles and tips for taking care of your pet

Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Jan Pol

The World-famous veterinarian as seen on Nat. Geo and Disney+
Did you know that even Dr. Pol can't manage his practice without Vetericyn®? His roots are in Drenthe, but he has found great success in America. Dr. Pol is a beloved veterinarian to many - both in the Netherlands and America, and beyond. Perhaps his down-to-earth Dutch demeanor plays a part in his exceptional popularity. Interesting to note: Dr. Pol uses Vetericyn® in his practice every day to treat animal injuries. Here's what he has to say about it: “Vetericyn® is such a great product because it doesn't damage tissue. You can apply it anywhere on the body. Moreover, it's pH-neutral, doesn't contain antibiotics, and its formula promotes faster natural healing. Horses, in particular, can sustain injuries quickly. In fact, they excel at accidentally hurting themselves. Cuts and other minor injuries in horses and other animals: Vetericyn® is ideally suited for treating issues like these!” Dr. Pol and many others have already made the switch. Are you convinced of Vetericyn®'s effectiveness yet?